Education Incubator puts youth at the center of transforming Hawaiʻi, asking them to shape the future they will live and work in.  We cultivate each student’s knowledge, creativity, and agency through project based learning that is grounded in their specific community and culture.

In partnership with Janus Group and EdTech Team, EI helped to vision the Moonshot Lab – a hyper collaborative innovation space for multiple schools to convene and receive services, support, and a safe space for failing forward and dreaming big to solve huge challenges.  For the past year, EI has been prototyping the first Moonshot Lab in the world;

Moonshot Laboratory Hawaiʻi is a physical hub currently based out of Hālau ʻĪnana Ma Kapaʻakea where kids from various schools come to engage with and work on problems that matter. Instead of lectures and worksheets, students and teachers partner with community experts to learn about and identify solutions to challenges in their communities, engage in active inquiry, iterative solution generation, and rapid prototyping of potential solutions.

Our team of experienced teachers (specialists in STEM, social emotional learning, character education) partners with local experts in science, design, engineering, social welfare, and other sectors to help kids in tackling real problems today.

We launched last year with 5 public schools, 30 teachers, and 200 kids.  Our kids met community clients, developed skills in empathetic inquiry, rapid prototyping, and some specialized tech.  Their ideas were vetted by industry experts and their community.  Along the way, kids reported learning things they never even knew they wanted to know, but now have a passion for and want to learn more about. They felt safe and supported to explore, take risks, and fail forward in their learning – and like they could cause dramatic changes in the world. With the help of our friends in the accelerator and investment community, kids who desired received further supports to stand up an LLC – one company took on consulting work and hosted a product launch over the summer, before their first days as college freshmen.  Their work benefits and educates about critically-endangered native plants, an essential cultural and environmental resource in Hawaiʻi.

Our work continues this year with a new cohort of schools, students, teachers, and a wide array of community clients – stay tuned to find out where we go!