Welcome to our IWA-Verse

On behalf of our EI team, welcome to our IWA-verse… a universe inspired by Innovation With Aloha. At Education Incubator, we see our youth and communities as ʻiwa, a navigational guide for deep-sea explorers – they see the calmness that lies beyond the rough sea of our troubled times, creating solutions to the greatest challenges of our lifetimes by harnessing the divine inspiration of place, purpose, and ancestry. They are resourceful and intentional, willing to go where others will not.

We are dreamers, doers, entrepreneurs, academics, philosophers, voyagers, explorers, teachers and students. As you browse our site, you’ll find our story, our family, our love and light, our work. We encourage you to read our newsletters, to meet the learners and doers we have the pleasure of working with, young and young-at-heart. We hope that you enjoy your journey through our IWA-verse, and that we meet you soon in our pursuit of joy and prosperity for all.


Lele ka ʻiwa, malie kai koʻo

When the ‘iwa flies, the rough sea calms

Ano ʻai kākou. In the words of my teacher’s teacher, I greet you in one-ness and ALOHA. As Aunty Pilahi Paki shared with Uncle Pono Shim when he was just a boy, we must understand each word as a concept, and live each concept as a verb. I share with you, as a being of light and water, the ALOHA that fills and illuminates my vessel, in hopes that our paths may cross and merge in a way that leaves us both more kind, inspired, and joyous than we were before we met.

Miki, EI CEO